We view small businesses as an attractive investment class with great potential.

Our Approach

Juniper Valley Capital is not private equity nor a strategic buyer. We are a group of entrepreneurs and investors seeking to make a control investment in a US or Canada based business. We are looking for cash flow-positive businesses with growth prospects. We are generally sector agnostic.

juniper valley capital

What we are looking for in a business:

B2B service businesses

  • A minimum of $1.5M in annual earnings

  • EBITDA Margin in excess of 10%

  • A track record of profitable growth

  • Growing industry

  • Loyal customer base

Software businesses

  • A minimum of $1.5M in annual reoccurring revenue

  • Growing industry

  • Loyal customer base

We are keen to speak with owners who:

  • Are seeking to exit their business

  • Desire to spend less time in their business day to day

  • Want to ensure the success of their business post transaction

juniper valley capital

We are going all in by focusing our time and efforts on operating your business.  It is our goal to create long term value for all stakeholders (employees, community, you, investors etc.) 

The Juniper Valley Capital difference...

Juniper Valley Capital Private Equity Strategic Buyer
Seller's Role Post Closing Flexible to meet seller's needs Typically forced to stay or leave; when staying, heavily involved with new boss Typically forced to stay or leave; when staying, typically made employee of buyer
Future of Company Sustainable long-term growth; sole focus of acquirer Maximize short term value - cost-cutting; one of many portfolio companies One division of larger organization; potential for layoffs and cost cutting
Future for Employees Critical to the sustained growth of the business Risk of job cuts Risk of job cuts
Value Creation Sustainable revenue growth and product expansion of your company Financial engineering and cost cutting Absorb operations, realize synergies and cost cutting
Transaction Flexible terms, 1-3 months to close Typically strict fund terms Least flexible, can take years to close
Source of Capital Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and Investors Pension funds, endowments, insurance companies Company shareholders
Investment Time Horizon Long term Quick turn of 3-5 years Varies